Meet the DreamTeam!

Our diverse team has over 20 years of experience in the Music Industry, Real Estate, Marketing and Cannabis! Every member brings a different and unique element to the team – making it the perfect formula for DreamFields!


Sebastian Solano

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sebastian Solano is a visionary entrepreneur and has been involved in successfully building businesses in both Entertainment and Real Estate.

Mr. Solano is best known for being the co-founder and CEO of Life in Color, one of the world’s leading toured electronic music festivals with events in over 45 countries. He sold the business in 2012 to SFX Entertainment Inc (NASDAQ:SFXE) and played a key role in taking the company to its IPO in 2013. In 2015, he was appointed to CEO of ID&T North America and oversaw world renowned festival brands including Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo and Mysteryland with combined revenues exceeding $150M. Later in that same year, he was awarded for his industry success and was named to “Forbes 30 Under 30.”

Mr. Solano attended Florida State University and studied Business Administration.


Lukasz Tracz

President / CMO

Mr. Lukasz Tracz brings a strong background of entrepreneurship and over 15 years of marketing experience to DreamFields. He has successfully led the development of new and existing companies, helping establish brands world-wide.

He was the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Life In Color, known as the “World’s Largest Paint Party”. Termed as a “Marketing Genius” by Huffington Post, Mr. Tracz handled the overall marketing and brand identity of the company, helping sell out over 400 events & festivals in over 45 countries, making Life In Color one of the leading brands in the music & entertainment industry. In 2015, Mr. Tracz was named Electronic Dance Musics Top 30 Under 30 by


Scot Garrambone

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Scot B. Garrambone is a financial expert and comes from an accomplished background across multiple industries including Real Estate, Construction, Entertainment and Merchandise.

He has worked in the capacity of CFO, COO and Fund Manager for over a decade and has successfully built, bought, operated and sold a number of multi-million dollar companies both in the private and public sector. He has been a chief executive in an IPO and has a deep understanding of GAAP standards, financial reporting and has been part of a number of big 5 company audits. He is in the final stages of obtaining his Doctoral Degree in Education with a focus in Business Administration and Finance and holds a Masters in Management and International Business. He holds a Bachelors in Business Administration and Marketing.

Mr. Garrambone has a keen focus on the company top-line and bottom-line and provides key leadership to the company structure ensuring all facets of the finance, accounting and functional operations meet the highest standards and support exponential company growth.


Petar Dimitrov

VP of Business Development

As the COO and CEO of multiple e-commerce companies, Mr. Dimitrov has a diverse background of over 10 years in online retail, on-demand cloud manufacturing, supply chain distribution, brand development, and sales management.

With lifelong passion and love for the marijuana plant, Mr. Dimitrov has submerged himself within the California cannabis ecosystem and is now responsible for key sourcing, manufacturing, sales, and product development partnerships for the DreamFields Companies.

As the VP of Business Development, Mr. Dimitrov drives company relationships, revenues and operational expansion by leveraging his esteemed list of industry contacts.